The old tree stump.


There is a climbing tree in a back yard where a little girl plays. I think all houses should have a climbing tree don’t you? There is a tree where  a pre-teen would go and listen to Bryan Adams and long for a boy to sing those songs to her. There is a tree where a sister dared another to climb only to leave her up there to fend for herself. The tree isn’t there anymore, you can’t climb its branches or take shade it its leaves…the tree is gone the stump may not even remain…I wouldn’t know I haven’t visited the tree in quite a few  years.

The tree was in back of a white house, you can’t visit the house either, because it no longer stands. There was house where those kids use to play. Where two little girls would fight and laugh; sing and sleep. When the parents would yell, the two girls would hug and cuddle and tell each other of happy things and make each other laugh. On snowy days board games would be played with gusto, who would get Park Place? Who wins at Life? Sorry! You’re in Trouble. You have no Clue.

Down a dead end street two girls would skip rope, ride their bikes and be gymnast, and climb that old tree…swing on a swing set that wouldn’t pass safety regulation, and play with an old hound.

Sisters became friends under the ever watchful tree. BBQ’s were held, birthdays were celebrated, friends gathered around the old tree.

In the house under the tree, there were good times and bad…a bond between two people shattered and another bond strengthened. If the walls could speak before the trucks tore her down, she would tell of laughter and tears. Of girls playing, and talking. Of Dan Fogelberg and Aladdin on sleepless summer nights.

The house no longer stands, a new one is there…one that doesn’t have the echos of our voices, our laughter or our tears…no longer holds the smell of spaghetti dinners and unfiltered cigarettes. A new house with new neighbors has replaced all the old. Where once there was little girls catching fireflies and saving the  princess with Mario, there now lives new families with no knowledge of the tree that use to stand watch all those years ago.



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