“I do believe in spooks. I do believe spooks. ” cowardly lion – wizard of oz

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. My dear friend and co-worker summed it up nicely, it is the one holiday where you don’t have to really do anything. No big meals, no huge family get together, just good ‘ol fun. Some people, obviously, don’t like being scared, not me. I love it. I seek it out. It might be upbringing, my mother is a huge horror fan. Where most people were terrified of Dracula, my mother felt sorry for him. Some kids got cartoons, my sister and I got Freddie Krueger. Even our house was haunted. My mother (and Aunt if you ask) will swear to this day that there was a ghost or poltergeist…something that lived in our attic…said unearthly being apparently destroyed the bathroom one day when they were little.IMG_0590.JPG

Aside from my dad, the whole family loved being scared. My sister and I would watch scary movies under the safety of our blankets, we would go into haunted houses and jump and scream at the littlest thing. We would scare each other whenever we could. This hasn’t changed a bit since we got older. I still love a good scary movie, even if they don’t make them anymore, I love a good horror book, and Halloween night can still get me excited the same as it did 20 years ago.

The best thing is starting new traditions with my son. He loves Halloween, because his mother and aunt do, but is terrified of wicked witches and creepy scarecrows, so Halloween has been a lot milder in my house. As usual, we must start with the pumpkin picking. We don’t have that one place where we must go every year no matter what. There are so many farms around here that it is actually more of “let’s try this one this year”…someday when he is too old for such things, and it is just Auntie and I doing things by ourselves, we will know the best places to go. This year we went to Hanks Pumpkin Town. It’s a local attraction in our hometown and we went after school so it wasn’t too crowded. Hanks is great because they have a nice little playground (that is free) for kids to play on, a huge pumpkin field, a corn maze (which we didn’t do this year – went somewhere else for that more later), and a huge slide. They also just built this new barn with lots of yummy goodies inside. I think they do hayrides as well. So it was off to Pumpkin Town and off to get the perfect pumpkins for carving.


Cody and I went to a Corn maze on the North Fork, Harbes, this was great they made it a Sherwood adventure, we had to find all the stamps, and finally challenge Robin hood to a duel. I enjoyed this, it was mildly challenging, and fun for Cody. They also had baby goats that were flipping adorable!!




Now on the carving. Husband is a master at this, guess which one is his.

IMG_0597.JPG I think Cody’s turned out wonderfully, and my witch, although missing some fingers, is probably the best one I have ever done!

We love going to the Halloween stores, trying on costumes, buying them (let’s face it I am not a creative person, I would love to make costumes, but I leave that to the Martha Stewart mommies). I tried very hard to get Cody to go as Daryl from the Walking Dead,

IMG_0584.JPG but he wasn’t having any of that. He didn’t want Carl either, although, damn it the kid made an awesome looking Carl! His response to why he wouldn’t go as them, was because zombies are creepy. Well alight…


We ended up with Optimus Prime, which he totally rocks. We also love the decorations…oh my gosh the decorations. Is it just me or were they cooler when we were kids? I remember life sized standups of Michael Myers, Jason, Freddie…that would play their corresponding theme music. I remember zombies that would grab your ankle, and vampires that would jump out at you. Both Halloween stores consisted more of costumes and less decorations. The decorations they had were more window clings, graves, less haunted house. Perhaps the $300 dollar Freddie didn’t sell, and you can’t keep something in the store if it doesn’t sell year to year. But still, I miss him. The costumes…okay so at what point did all women become whores? Did I miss the memo? I think to myself, self…lets finally be Dorothy….all the “Dorothy” costumes – seriously – were “sexy”. I kid you not. I am not going to work, or trick or treating with my son, in a dress that barely covers my butt. Okay – lets be a bumblebee (I saw a headband that I wanted and it was supposed to go with a bumblebee outfit), sexy bee…seriously? Sassy bee? Really? Okay fine…Elsa…now we have two problems, the “Ice Queen” costume, a) sucks and b) is meant as a “special” costume for you and husband and the actual Elsa costume is over fifty dollars! Okay…fine..
I’ll go as the wicked witch, $80 for a good one, not kidding, and the cheap ones are that…cheap…or you can go as…naughty spell caster.


Fine…I won’t dress up…I got the hat, Cody rocks it better, but damn it…I got the hat.


Sister, a mutual friend and I decided this was the year we would go to haunted house

IMG_0596.JPG sister and buddy

We went to a place called Darkside…Remember a long time ago I said I like being scared…I do…this one did disappoint. Looking back, sitting here with the sun shining, I feel silly for all the screaming and crying, but at the time, it was really scary! tumblr_lr4ctdljUZ1qjmf1t – The dude jumping and screaming…was me…

Next on our list is the annual village ragamuffin parade and trick or treating at the local shops. This is a fantastic tradition and I am so glad they do this. It provides a nice, safe place for kids to trick or treat.


I love a good party – so I like to throw a staff party every now and then and what better staff party to throw then a Halloween one. I am sure most of my coworkers think I am insane, but that is okay, because I believe these little parties are essential to moral. This year I made deviled eggs with spiders. Look how adorable these are!!

IMG_0591.JPG – thank you husband for helping 🙂

My town not only has an Elm street, we have one that throws a sweet trick or treating celebration. Almost every single house participates and most of the area children go. Hundreds of pounds of candy are passed out to hundreds of little witches, creepers, super heroes and more. It really is a fantastic site to see. Again, it’s a nice safe place for little ones to go trick or treating. We haven’t had much luck the last two years. Last year it rained, year before that was Hurricane Sandy. I am hoping this year will be spectacular!!
So what’s your favorite Halloween tradition? What was your favorite costume as a kid? What’s your favorite scary movie?



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