Jar full paper…year full of memories.


This year I tried to take part in the memory jar. You’ve seen the suggestion…you take an empty jar and starting January 1st you put things in through out the year. Then on the 31st of December you take everything out and look at all the amazing things that happened. Looking back,I admit I wasn’t as diligent about this as I would have liked. Honestly though, you can’t stop your life and write down every single thing. Then you aren’t living. My son said some insanely funny things this year, that didn’t make it into this jar, and that is okay. The memory of me laughing with him is more important. We had moments of lazy Sunday’s reading on the hammock together – that didn’t make it in the jar, and that is okay. We took more walks, went to the park, played games, built snowmen, and those didn’t make it…and that is okay too. We lived this year, we had an amazing year. I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it was. I can only hope and pray that next year is just as amazing.


Here are some tidbits from my jar of memories, I encourage everyone to do one of these this year. I will be doing one again. It is enjoyable going through the ticket stubs and such.

Things we did:

Bronx Zoo – 4/16/14

Adventure Land – 8/12/14

Carnival -5/11/14

Haunted House – 10/23/14

Corn Maze/Pumpkin picking

So many movies


Cody’s first ALONE train ride!

Aquariums and museums


Things that we said: 

“It’s precipitation!” – in response to in raining during a walk

“The Turkeys are coming”

Cody: “The meaning of life is to be happy.” 

Asking Cody to go shower…minutes go by, go in to remind him to shower…”Okay…I just thought I would have a little fun first” 

Letter to mom: “Dear mom you are the best mom – I love you” *There were many letters and notes to mom! 🙂IMG_4546

“How about you do all that stuff I don’t understand.” – in reference to his homework

Things we announced:

WON ELT Grant – Board voted against it – 10/7/14

MRI results  – NO TUMOR 1/21/14

Beat 2048

Tisons moving back – 3/2/14

Last day of 2nd grade 6/26/14

Things that were accomplished: 

Changed a headlight in Sammy’s car – like a boss – twice!

98% on a science test 

Got kiddo unstuck in less than a minute – 2/4/14

Built a huge snowman – mostly…okay all daddy 1/5/14


Bigger boy bike!! 6/28

Mastered Tying shoes 4/13/14

1st royalty check for Balance of Sorrow -$2.45! 


That was the year – and yet the year was so much more…the year was amazing. I am very blessed to have the people I have in my life. To have the experiences that I have had. There were bad times…there were struggles, fights, tears, worries, but my gosh there was laughter, health, happiness. At the end of another year, that is all that matters. That we had a heaping amount of laughing, dancing, playing and loving…a year of living.

IMG_4549  IMG_4551 IMG_4552


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