A little sister love

Sisters are awesome. They can make a strange, uncomfortable day so much easier. They can make you laugh, they’re there when you need to cry, can be the hard voice of reason when you are being unreasonable. I had a strange day recently. Without getting into too many boring details, I found my self in a situation that..made me uncomfortable. Naturally, I was texting my sister the play by play. In turn my sister decided to lighten the mood.

as I was texting her the play by play she sent this .gif Jon-Stewart-Eagerly-Watching-Eating-His-Popcorn-On-The-Daily-Show

As the situation continued to unfold and I kept her informed she kept letting me know it would all be alright.


When it was all said and done she was very sympathetic to what was happening. Like a good sister. She lightened the mood, she sympathized, like a good sister. Like an amazing friend.

We often joke that people shouldn’t play games with us, like Cranium, because we can practically read each others minds. Even when texting…


That is connection that best friends have…having a sister that is also your best friend is seriously one of life’s greatest gifts.

Sister’s have history together. Sometimes that history brings you closer together and sometimes it drives you apart. We are lucky that it brought us together. There are many things in my life that I can’t imagine going through with out my sister by my side. There are moments that are funnier because she was there.10154887_10202542967068426_3616846402566901046_n

Recently, she asked me what my favorite memory was of the two of us. Unlike some other families, that might have that time in Mexico, or that crazy summer spent at Uncle Jake’s cabin, I have daily things that are just my favorite things. Getting coffee, watching a movie, making fun of each other’s music, talking about everything and anything, shopping, sitting in the same room ignoring each other, watching our shows, getting our hair done, millions of other small things that we do all the time that mean the world to me, even if I don’t always call them out.


There are things that we share, that no one else can appreciate, no matter how hard they try. I honestly feel bad about this. It is like a constant inside joke with the two of us. I know that sounds strange, but we can sometimes look at each other and know what the other is thinking. We are constantly cracking each other up. We also do quotes, you know from movies… I don’t know if this is normal or not, but we do. We incorporate these into daily conversation, and again this is where the inside joke comes in to anyone who doesn’t know what we are giggling at. tumblr_inline_mj2hssfs8e1qz4rgp (1)


The fact that we like similar things doesn’t hurt either. This also helps when we are comparing ourselves to the heroes in whatever book/movie/show we are into. I am the Rick to her Daryl, she is the Anna to my Elsa, I am the Dean to her Sam…you get the idea. This gives us endless hours of things to talk about…it is also so nice having someone to bounce theories off, or wish for the millionth time that your favorite author would give you more. It is nice having someone feel the same feelings you do. Especially when you try so hard to maintain a stoic composure about such things to everyone else. tumblr_n56nj6nO6B1tw0a3jo1_r1_400


Sometimes, I feel really really bad that I didn’t have another kid. Cody will never know the absolute love that only siblings can share. The financials never worked out, it never seemed right to bring another kid into the world if we couldn’t afford to…I didn’t want to be on state help just to have another kid…so we never did…Still I feel bad sometimes. With siblings… It is you two in the beginning…and hopefully right through the end. You’ve got each other’s backs when the world seems to big, you’re rocks for each other when life gets too unstable, you are the link to their past when they feel lost, they are a smile that warms your soul, and forever and always they are your family, your friend, your sister.



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  1. WriteForAbsolution · February 8, 2015

    Alright, gay. 😉 ❤

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