A Change of Heart


I actively dislike valentines day. Not for the reason you may think. I have actually never had a bad Valentines Day, in fact I have had some pretty amazing ones. If you judge an amazing valentines by the number of roses you get. No, I dislike it for other reasons, mainly the commercialism. Starting shortly after the Christmas the pink and red hearts go up. Heaven freaking forbid if you aren’t man enough to get her the sparkly thing she wants, or the roses, or the candy that she’ll complain she can’t eat cause she is on a diet. I just don’t like it. I used to go to ant-valentines day celebrations, sing karaoke songs like “You Oughta know – by Alanis Morissette…”

Then I had a kid.

download (2)

True love isn’t just for lovers. True love is for sisters, for parents, for children, for family, for friends…true love is boundless and beautiful and celebrated in so many different ways each and every day. Taking time out on one day to say, “Hey, I love you.” isn’t such a bad idea. I still don’t think people should spend a lot of money, I still think the unique and handmade are the best options if you are going the gift route…but I think it more important to just to say, I love you, to those that you do. Sometimes we forget to say in the hustle and bustle of our day to day to lives.


I have a son who loves holidays, Valentines day being no different. He loves getting and receiving them…he is excited about giving me a card he made…seeing him get excited gets me excited. That is the amazing thing about seeing the world through a kids eyes. They see wonder and amazement in all things…somewhere sarcasm and cynicism replaced that. I think I want to go back to the wide eyed wonder and see the holidays for what they are, not what they have become.  I think I want to more like my son when I grow up. For now, I will just tell him I love him, one more time.

bunny_loves_you-176Further reading: Valentine’s Day Meaning 


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