The “L” word

Sometimes I need to talk about things that go beyond parenting. After all, I more than a mom.

My sister and I had a short girls day the other day. I say short, because we really want to have a proper sister day, like we used to have when we were younger. Since we were on a time limit, we decided to do a short version. So mini-sister day…with no kid…we decided to go to Maidenform so my sister could get a slip to go with her fabulous new dress. (side note slips are expensive) While we were there, debating between shape-wear and non-shape-wear…womeninlondon, I got thinking about something my co-worker said about a proper fitting bra…and well here were were in the place that sells nothing but….the “L” word…

BleakTepidAmericanredsquirrelThat is right…Lingerie…something most girls learn about at a young age when they buy their first training bra. I went through a lot of stages, as I am sure most women do, lacy, cotton, push up, wire, no wire, t-shirt fit…everything in-between. I have bought department store brands, off brands and specialty. As of late, mine have been more for function than style or anything else.

Regardless, one thing never did size. Even when when I was pregnant, I just widened the straps…never bought a bigger size or cup. Okay fine I went from a 34 to a 36, happy? But the cup size was always a B. I never gave my bra much thought beyond that. It holds them up – done. So here we are at the nice fancy store and these nice women are just falling over themselves to help us. I talked my sister into getting fitted with me. This was like asking her to jump in an active volcano, she is a… no touchy person when it comes to strangers, which I get because I can be too. 150880-no-touchy-meme-BgAs

I go in first and think – of course she going to say 36B – as I have been for ages…she measures and says: “I have you as a 36C” I asked her to repeat herself and she said yes, 36C. I went out in shock…waited for my sister who was also wearing the complete wrong size. We both stared at each other and then we to find our ‘actual’ sizes. I found one that looked humongous. Seriously no way were my girls fitting in this thing, however, I was committed to at least trying it.

Now as a girl this is something you do daily so trying on another bra shouldn’t be mind blowing…except it was. I put this thing on thinking I was going to be swimming in it, and instead, the bra embraced them. I put my shirt on over it and instead of just chilling like the normally do, there was a difference…they didn’t look as…downtrodden. Best word I can think of. I changed and walked out a new person. Well a girl with a new knowledge of her ta-ta’s. UfsKJ

My sister did the same, found her new size and tried it on and left in daze. We decided to buy the new expensive bras in the new and improved sizes…$40.00 which is about $40.00 more than I usually spend on myself. Sister and I agreed that we could use part of our sister day fund for it though…we can talk each other into buying anything.


The whole experience got me thinking though. See, our mother isn’t into girly stuff…we never learned how to do our make-up or what our color was or anything like that. My sister and I have had to learn through trial and error (a lot of error)…so what else have I been doing wrong? Is my hair color wrong? Am I wearing the wrong underwear? Is there another style jean I should be wearing? What is my color tone? Am I winter? A summer? I feel like I need to go somewhere and confess my ignorance and have them help me. 200_sUntil that day (if it ever happens), I will just enjoy having a bra that fits me comfortably, after all…I do wear the damn thing for 16 hours a day…It should, at the very least, be cozy.


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  1. mommie · April 8, 2015

    Sorry I am not girly enough for you lol 😛

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