*To the tune of “actual canable Shia LaBeouf” heard here…I give you…goosey-goose

You’re Sitting at work
You have piles of papers
And the phone is ringing
You look out your window and see two beady eyes

University Goose Attack
They creep up to the window
First one then more and more
You can’t see the ground
My god their everywhere!
Eating up your meadow (its goosey-goose)
Picking at the grass (it’s goosey-goose)
Shitting on the terraaaaaace
Actual asshole Goosey-Goose
Fluffing their feathers (its Goosey-Goose)
Honking their honks (its Goosey –Goose)
Calling their friends now
Actual asshole Goosey –Goose  image

You call your dog Fido to scare them away
They scatter honking angrily
You have defeated Goosey-goose
They don’t give a shit
They will eat yoooouuuu
Your gonna die by goose –gooseimage

* I do not own any rights to this song or the use of the it. This was purely for my amusement and because I appreciate the original song which you can listen to here


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