Pray for the World


Another senseless tragedy and most of us are left wondering, “When does it stop? Why does this keep happening? Who could do such a thing?”

It isn’t just Paris though. This is just the most recent in a long line of tragic events that have taken place all over the world this year alone.

Movie theater shootings, school shootings, terrorist attacks on various countries, war, illness, people fleeing their homes and dying on the road to what they hoped would be a better future, genocide, rape, child sweatshops…the list goes on and on and on. Then there are the natural disasters…the ones we have no control over, but still tragic. Earthquakes, fires, landslides, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes..

My heart aches for the people of Paris…my heart also aches for humanity. It is so hard to care for the world. There are people now, on my social media, who are getting into arguments over this. Getting into arguments over praying. Getting into arguments over showing support for other human beings. Yes let that sink in. After reading a few I went to my trusty blog. I understand what people are saying. Why didn’t Facebook change its colors after the Kenya attacks? Why didn’t people show more empathy over the Syrian refugees? Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. If we posted every single time there was a tragic event, that is all you would ever see. Actually, maybe that is what needs to happen. Maybe by bringing these things out to open, really putting them out there, is what needs to happen. I believe the biggest problem is that we (at least American’s) have gotten too desensitized to these things. “Oh more bombings in such and such place I can’t pronounce so sad, hand me the chips” “Oh my iPhone was made by a 9 year old working 19 hours, oh look cat video” I am not saying we are heartless, just that we get to a point where you hear and see it so much that it almost becomes fictionalized because you are so far removed from it. Until it happens in your back yard. Until it is on your turf (like a theater shooting) or a popular vacation spot. Then all of a sudden, it becomes real again. The world sucks again, and all the cat videos in the world won’t make it okay.

I read an article somewhere, after a school shooting, that the media plays tricks with us. Whether the article is true or not is up for debate but check out these two screen shots from Yahoo headlines today (November 14)

Untitled Untitled2.

The first one is the first five “headlines” the second is the next row. This is a tactic used by the media to get our minds off the tragic events. Whether this is true or not, you gotta admit, it sure looks like it works. You read the news, then oh look Holiday pie! Right back to our lives. The treading screen on the right is disturbing as well…”Mega Millions” is number 7 where as the Japan Earthquake is only number 8…and if you look Paris isn’t even on there…

Every night before I go to bed I say a little…thanks I guess. I know how much suffering there is in the world. There is too much. So much than any one of can even really comprehend. At any moment, someones world is ending, and I think of that and thank the universe that it isn’t my time. I have problems like everyone else, and I complain about them, same as everyone. I have it made though. I have a warm bed, a sleeping healthy child in the next room.  A house, food and heat. An amazing sister and wonderful husband, a good family. At the end of the day, I am truly thankful for all that I have and who I was able to share it with.

Instead of arguing with each other on how to pray, who to pray for, whether or not it is worth the prayer, say thanks. Thank the friend for praying. Thank the person for changing their picture or status or whatever support they are choosing.

Remember also, you can’t talk to them about not showing support for something, when nary a word was heard from you about the other crisis. It goes both ways.

*Two side notes here. A) I don’t think you should get your news from Yahoo, I was just using them as an example and B) I do think the if a Social Media network is going to offer an option to change your picture to show support for a crisis, you should be able to do it for all of them. It goes back to my point about maybe we should be doing this daily. Maybe then we will stop hurting each other and start the healing process. 


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