Finally – Some answers

It is really good to realize that I am not crazy. c822e826dc5a7a65bbc4f0d4363cf0d1

For a long time, I thought I was. I suffer through a lot of things that my doctor had no explanation for. I would go in with the following list of symptoms: (No joke this is the actual list I have brought to multiple doctors)



Weakness in hands  – dropping things

Tingling in head/hands

Memory problems

Speech issues

Concentration problems

Joint pain – Mostly knees

All over aching

Ear pain/itching

Normal headaches

Tired Eyes

The list kind of goes on and kind of gets sad…lets move on.

Know what I would get as a response? Let’s do blood work, blood work comes back fine (no Lyme, no vitamin issues)…lets run an MRI – all normal, lets run some x-rays on your joints – perfectly fine. You are in a sense – perfectly fine. But I am suffering daily. If it isn’t a migraine it is something else. This has been years. Years of me going back and forth paying for the tests, paying for the visits, only to have them say, sorry you are fine. You might have arthritis, you might have fibromyalgia. Finally I gave up. I don’t care what I have. I will just be in constant pain, forget why I am at the store and mispronounce words.

Months after giving up, I ran across a site on my Facebook page,  – and a door opened. A whole freaking world opened.


Here were people who also said the wrong words. Or just couldn’t find them all together! Here were people who had to pace themselves throughout the day as well in order to try and prevent a migraine attack. They too had pain, either from the migraines themselves or from the medications they were on to help them. The tingling in the head! I thought it was nerve damage, nope…precursor to a migraine attack. To say that it made me feel better is an understatement. All of my problems can be traced back to one horrid condition, I suffer from migraines. I have migraines. It is my first symptom, so you would think one of the many doctors would have connected the dots.

With this new information I feel like a soldier who is ready for battle. Except before he only had his hands and now he has a tank. My next step will be finding a doctor that specializes in migraines. I already knew what some of my triggers were, damn you chocolate. It doesn’t seem to matter much though. Some months I have 15 and some I have only 10. With no change in my life at all. But at least now I know I am not crazy. Take that off the list of things to worry about. I may call my watch the timey teller thing…or the car the vroom vroom. But I am not crazy.




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