Mother doesn’t always know best

The other day I read a piece of homework that Cody did and it kind of broke my heart a little. It was a write up on a book they were reading in school, and the main character, Rachel, was shy. It asked how he could relate to her. He wrote. “Sometime I don’t like when my mom wants me to be a baby again, but I don’t know how to tell her without hurting her feelings.” Knife. Chest.



Photo credit Hyperbol and Half

I had to sit him and down and explain that I don’t want him to be a baby again. Not even a little bit (okay a little). After speaking with him I got thinking of why I feel so sad for the loss of his infant stage, and every other stage, how that carries over to our relationship and what I can do about it.

There is that old poem: The Last Time (most parents have read it and cried), if you haven’t…enjoy. (and I am sorry)

So – instead of reading that and enjoying each moment (which I do), I being who I am, mourn the loss like a physical thing. Every. Single. Time. It may not be huge, it might just be a passing, “Aw this might be the last time I cut the crust off a Peanut Butter Sandwich” or bigger. “OH MY GOD THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST TIME I READ TO HIM!” It is always there though. Obviously, he has noticed and feels bad about growing up. I had to explain to him that I LOVE him growing up. I LOVE all that he is becoming and all that he will be.

Some of the things I have enjoyed doing with him as he has grown.

I enjoyed his first

I enjoyed him using the potty.

I enjoyed hearing his first words.

I enjoyed watching him on his bike when he no longer needed me to guide him.

download (2)

I enjoyed him learning to read.11742990_10205689335805678_2415209494860450549_n

I enjoyed watching him make friends.12047105_10206093033857877_2055707648718961231_n

I have enjoyed watching him grow taller.

I enjoy watching him come to know who he is.

I enjoy his kindness, his sense of humor, his uniqueness. IMG_5419

I enjoy being able to hang out with him.

I enjoy his independence.

Yes I do daily mourn each moment at the same time, because some day will be the last day. However, instead of doing that, instead of wishing for one more moment, I am going to live in this one. I am not going to worry about some distant future where he goes off to college – I am going to enjoy fourth grade. (maybe not the homework part)

I am going to enjoy amusement parks and petting zoos. I am going to enjoy his choice in music and games. I am not going to wish to hold a little one in my arms anymore, or stress about the empty nest, but instead, be so ever thankful that I have a healthy, happy, well adjusted, funny, kind, spunky, handsome and wonderfully unique kid.

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