Kind of Rhymes With Chump

I don’t like labels. We all walk around with our own lives on our paths. Why complicate it further.

“You go in this box and you go in that one”


For that reason I don’t hold too much stock into political parties. Democrat/Republican…labels. Yes I vote Democrat but that doesn’t mean that I would vote for the democratic candidate if I didn’t agree with their views or their core beliefs.

If I was going to lower myself to a label it would be humanist. I want what is best for everyone. Unfortunately what is best for you isn’t always what is best for me. I can’t imagine trying to run a country with that in mind. How do you make millions of people happy? You don’t. You can’t. Take away the one thing and make half the country unhappy, don’t change something and make the rest unhappy. That is why I not only look at their polices but also look at their values, their core beliefs, the way they handle speaking with people. I want to see how they treat the people. I want to know that even though they face the opposition of the house and senate they are going to try to fight for the people. For all of the people, not a select few.

When I vote for someone I am certainly not going to vote for someone who slings insults and bigotry as though they mean nothing. I am not going to vote for someone who doesn’t respect all human life. I am not going to vote for someone who treats people like they are beneath him. If he treats moderators at debates like second class citizens, how would he treat someone working two jobs to get by? If they promote violence at their rallies, if they rub elbows with known racists and all manor of hateful people, they don’t get my vote. It is quite simple. I don’t want the leader of the United States of America to be someone who doesn’t value every single life in America. I see Trump as he is. A bigot, a racist, and a narcissist sociopath. He was funny when he said – oh I will run for president. It was concerning when other people thought it was a good idea. It is downright alarming that he might actually win the republican nomination. It is soul chillingly terrifying to think of him sitting in the Oval Office.

People who protest this man get thrown out and sometimes thrown in jail. Freedom of assembly a protected constitutional right. It goes further, as being defined as a civil liberty. And this guy is having people thrown out for peacefully protesting. He is encouraging his supporters to fight the protesters! People are turning to violence and Trump even said that he would “look into” paying the legal fees of one his supporters who beat a protester.(he has since denied ever saying that)

This man does not deserve the Oval Office. He doesn’t deserve any office. He should be in jail. He doesn’t like people disagreeing with him. How in the world would he be able to run a country? He doesn’t like immigrants yet is married to one. He doesn’t actually answer questions, or come up with ideas or solutions, but talks around the issues. The problem is, his supporters either don’t hear that or don’t care. They want the wall, they want whatever else he is trying to sell. Because that is what he is – a salesman. And he is selling bullshit in a can. I am fearful of that. I am fearful of the kind of people who follow this man. Very fearful. Even though he might not get in office, there are still thousands of people who think like him. Doesn’t that scare anyone else? Imagine going back to a country where certain people of certain religious or ethical backgrounds, where treated like second class citizens? It is bad enough that it happens on a small scale already (again because of people like him), but to have someone in the white house who would allow this kind of thing to happen on a national scale, to promise to make it happen, to encourage and participate? Terrifying.

People say, “Oh he just says what is on his mind” or “He doesn’t hold back”. A co-worker actually said something similar, not necessarily defending him, but saying basically that he says what is on his mind because he is a business man, not a politician. And that makes what he is saying right in some way?! Do people even hear themselves speaking? I am sorry. If he is saying it and thinking it, he doesn’t get a vote from me and sure the heck shouldn’t get a vote from anyone else. We need someone who doesn’t live and breathe chaos and hatred. Someone who can see all sides of a story, not just his own. If people are unhappy with Obama, fine – don’t make the mistake of voting for this person. There are plenty of other republican candidates to chose from.

If you think he doesn’t matter I bring you to a case where a teacher over heard two children speaking. One kid says to the other “When trump becomes president you will have to leave the country.” What. The. Fuck. People. Seriously. Does this remind you segregation? Cause it should. Or of concentration camps? We’ve been down this road before. Numerous times. We fought and won against it, thankfully…but the mindset is there and that is truly frightening. Ban all Muslims, get rid of all the Hispanic people. Build a great big wall to keep the country safe. Meanwhile inside that country he is breading hatred, bigotry, racism and sexism.

Maybe he will go away. Maybe the people will get out and vote and vote for someone else. Maybe. It scares me that there is even the smallest chance he will get in though. I am scared because we have made so much amazing progress as humans. Civil rights has come a long way, and we still have a long way to go. Going backwards even for four years could be devastating. One of his tantrums could very well lead to a nuclear war, (he will have the codes people!)

I urge people to go out and vote this year. Go and vote. The people who are voting now, are people who are angry with the way the country is being run. Fine – if you are happy that is fine – but vote. Go vote in the primaries, vote at your local and state elections. Vote big and small. In one voice the people of America have to say no. No we don’t want to go backwards. To where America “was great” like back to a time of slavery? To a time when woman had no rights? To a time of concentration camps? No. We don’t. We want progress, we want peace, we jobs and a strong economy. We want a leader, not a chump.



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