I’m out

I voted in The New York primary. I am hoping millions of others did as well. It was hard to do for some. New York is a closed state, so if you aren’t registered as a Democrat or Republican you can’t vote, like my poor sister who was registered Independent. There we stories of voter suppression, less places to vote, decreased hours. But as of 6:40 – I am hoping everyone that could vote did.



Good Job fellow voters!

What I want to say is… I am not going to be scared of backlash anymore. I don’t like confrontation. Not even a little bit. But I am coming out. I am standing proud with the person I have decided to back as my hopeful for the 2016 Presidential Candidate.

First let me tell you about my Candidate: (and these are the issues that I strongly believe in, in which they too strongly believe in.) I should note here that you are never going to agree with someone all the time. However, I agree with this person the most. everybody_got_that_spaceballs

Moving on:

So the issues: Fighting For LGBT equality. We made great progress so far, but we still have along way to go. As shown by this lovely comment  on a recent post about gender neutral bathrooms in a local high school: 

If this is the future it is going to be pretty sad one. Safe space, micro-aggression, and trigger words are all now part of our lexicon all because of cultural collapse and societal decline. When are they going to have a special bathroom for the he/she/it who thinks they are a giraffe? Can they share with the one who thinks they are a car?

America: 1776 to 2016, R.I.P.

By Preliator Lives (165), Obamavillie on Apr 6, 16 9:16 AM


So don’t tell me we don’t have a ways to go. Especially with this mentality. My candidate is going to fight for those rights. (the same rights that we all should have.)

My candidate wants livable wages, fair working environments and good jobs for everyone. Not just the select few. Decreasing the wage gap that has only gotten wider as the middle class has shrunk and the  people who are in poverty have grown.

My candidate wants to make education affordable if not free. People shouldn’t have high financial debt after leaving college. That is no way to start your life. College is more important now than ever, it has to be affordable.

My candidate want to make medical care and hospitable stays affordable. They also want to reduce prescription costs, which would benefit seniors who often have to choose: food or life saving prescriptions.

My candidate fights for women’s rights. Women on average make less money than men. Woman are also once again fighting for the right to choose…there are many who are trying to take our right to choose away. They are taking way our options for family planning and sending us backwards. My candidate will stand up with us and fight with us to keep Planned Parenthood open, and keep the decision about family planning between the families and their doctors…and not include the government.

My candidate wants to fight for disability rights. Wants to make sure we care for our veterans who fight so bravely to keep us safe. Affordable housing, Empowering tribal nations, fair and human immigration…

These and many, many more reason are why I stand with my candidate.

So I announce today, on the day of the Primary Election in New York…I am voting…

… Misha Collins as the next President of the United States of America.


Haha  – got you right? Although I would vote for him if he ran. I am voting for Bernie Sanders. Feel the Bern! Here is a link to where he stands with the issues.

As with anything, I think it is important that people educate themselves, look at all the issues, and side with the person who most fits their beliefs. Not just one or two, or not because you have always voted that party. Really look at the issues, listen to what they are saying, watch how they act. Vote with your heart and whoever wins, at least you can say you voted.





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