A New Parent Magazine

If you want to feel inadequate as a parent you don’t really have to look very far. The comment section on any parenting blog can do that. Or your local newsstand. Parent magazine is one I used to get. When I was a new mother, reading everything from “better than time out – how to discipline without tears” to “Only organic should touch your kids mouths” . I devoured every page, promising to not self sooth, or do self sooth (depending on which issue you read), to make sure every birthday was Pinterest worthy. As well as, his nursery, his outfits, Halloween costumes and just you know any other thing I could spend too much time and money on. I gave up my subscription after feeling like I was the worst mother in the world for not adhering to most, if not all of the articles.

At a recent doctor’s visit, I picked up a copy and sure enough, nothing has changed. This article jumped out at me:


These are the kinds of things that this magazine is selling. Finishing school for toddlers? The fact that this exists in the world is enough to make me roll my eyes. Someone who will potty train your kid? Or help them tie their shoes? When did parenting become something we sub out? (normal parents here – I know there are the select few that have been doing this for years). Teaching your kid to ride a bike is a milestone! Same with potty training and shoe tying.

shoe tying

I get getting help for things you can’t do. Teaching them to swim, tennis, play the kazoo. But potty training?! giphy (3)

Yeah it is not fun – but that accomplishment you both have when it is mastered…that is fun. That is amazing.

So instead of articles like: Seven secretes of calm moms (Um it is wine right?)…or Is your family eating right? (does pizza count?) Let’s try articles like this.

Bed time – not just for parents anymore (how to trick your kids into going to bed without a fuss. -just kidding it will be war every night – here is a list of wines that go good with night time tantrums.


Making sure your kid eats his food pyramid – so funny. We meant the shape not the actual one.


Worried about screen time? Here are apps to keep them entertained longer…giving you more time to read this blog.


Birthday on a budget – how to throw a complete birthday from the dollar store -(plus mystery cake!)


Homework help – a list of viable excuses for any teacher, any grade! No more nightly fights about homework! Thanks to “The bunny ate it”

bunny homework

And other really great articles.

I think it is time for us, as parents, to admit that we aren’t perfect. None of us are. We aren’t meant to be…We are all just muddling through this thing called parenthood and our parents did too. Guess what, most of us lived! Sure, most of it was dumb luck…but we survived and our kids will to!


So, stop judging yourself, and for goodness sake don’t judge others. Sit back and smile knowing that you are doing your best and your kids will grow up just fine. But just in case, make sure to put a little aside for the therapy will need later.

download (2)


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