The big blue

Apron of course…

I decided to try Blue Apron for a week to see if it was as good or as helpful as some people made it out to be. The idea behind it is you choose your preferences and delivery schedule and they send you a box with every single thing you will need to make three meals. All pre-proportion so there is less waste. Who hasn’t gone to the store to buy  something and end up having to buy more than you need? This eliminates that. It also comes with step-by-step even a dummy can follow it recipes which is cool. (cause hi that’s me)…I figured, what the heck. At $60.00 it is what I am paying for those meals anyway. So this is my experience and subsequent review.

The package arrived. We had specified that we didn’t want fish so what we got was one steak meal, one chicken meal and one vegetarian meal.


The package arrived in a refrigerated box with three mega ice packs! I was home when it arrived but I feel like even if I wasn’t the food would have been okay.

So I unwrapped everything and that is what I got. Everything I needed to make three meals. Now it was time to get cooking!

The recipe cards it came with were very easy to use. They had pictures and step-by-step instructions. The first one I tried was the Zucchini & Parmesan Quiche. IMG_9936

The first thing they had me do was gather all the ingredients need to make the meal, which you can see from the picture. After doing that there is some prep work involved. The Quiche it self was actually really easy to make. Unfortunately, my husband has decided he isn’t a “Quiche fan” Can’t say that I blame him. This is what mine looked like:


Next up was the chicken or Seared Chicken with purple potato’s and apples. Of course I didn’t get a picture of this one, and it was the winner of the three. But between all the prep work needed, the smoke alarm going off and a kitchen that look like a tornado blew through, I just forgot to snap the picture.

Last but not least, the one I was most afraid of. Grains of paradise-crusted steak. My former boss (who also uses Blue Apron and loves it) said to me: You will do things in the kitchen you haven’t done before. He was right. I had never in my life boiled a Plantain or even heard of “Grains of Paradise” I bravely gathered the last of my ingredients and started slicing, dicing, mixing and zesting. By the end I had a huge mess, a smoke alarm going off (yes again!), and frizzy hair from all the steam and stress. However, despite a few burned peanuts – husband enjoyed it.


So those were the three meals, a under cooked Quiche, a burned but somehow still tasty chicken and strange steak meal. Now for pros and cons (in my opinion).

Pro: It is VERY nice having meals picked out for you. Not having to think of what is for dinner is amazing. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is. With that another pro is not having to shop for said dinners. All the ingredients you need come right to your door in perfect servings and sizes which means less waste. It costs about as much as you would pay for regular dinners anyway. The one I did was $60.00 a week for two people. You can pick your meal requirements. No fish, no lamb, vegetarian only. You can browse the meals before hand and switch out any that really look awful to you.

Cons: for me personally, some of the recipes were just to time consuming. Maybe if I did them more, or knew short cuts but I don’t have time at the end of the day to be doing half of what was required, nor do I want more than one pan to be going. I know, sounds lazy right? But I am not alone. One pan cooking is huge. When you are tired and just want a hot meal on the plate, one pan meals are the jam. That to me was the only real con. Too time consuming. That and my husband said the meals weren’t “Blow your mind amazing”. So really not worth all the extra work.

Final verdict? I think this is great for food people like my former boss, who loves food and cooking,I think think it is good for families who like to cook. It just doesn’t work for me when I am trying to help with homework, finish laundry etc, etc. I will be saving the recipes in case I want to get crazy and try one again.

Now…if they had a delivery service for moms on the run, sign me up! Till then, it is goodbye Blue Apron and hello one pot wonders.

*Blue Apron did not pay me for this post, nor did I get anything free from them for blogging about it. As always, this is just my life, my road and I love sharing it. Here have a picture of a dog in apron!



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