Cody’s guide to Minecraft for the Minecraft challenged parent


Cody loves playing Minecraft. Loves it so much he has it on his iPad, Xbox, and Wii…and pining for a computer so he can have that version too. Like most Minecraft lovers or people who discover some neat new religion, he wants to share this love with everyone. Nothing gives him more joy than to play with people….as such I have started playing with him. I, of course, have NO idea what I am doing. However, Cody is happy to have someone play with him, even an inexperienced mother who can’t climb their way out of a hole.  That is worth me learning a thing or two. Here are what Cody considers the finer points of Minecraft.

There are two modes of playing: Creative and Survival ( there is also adventure when you play with anything but the iPad)

In creative you can do anything you want, you have all the supplies you need to make anything and it basically just a place for imaginative play..

In survival you have limited resources, you need to gather all your supplies and you will need to build a shelter to survive the night or you will come across one of these fine fellows:

The enemies: 

The Spider:


Attack method: Will leap toward you and hit you causing damage.

To kill: Lava, falling, cactus, TNT and fire…or  you know run away.

If you do happen to kill it you can get stuff to help you make things…like string for a bow or spider eyes (gross) but helpful for potions.

The Creeper:


Attack method: Runs at you and explodes in your face. (Yikes back off dude)

To Kill: Lava or cactus, and if that doesn’t work…make sure your will is up-to-date

If you do happen to kill him: you can get gunpowder (explains why he is blowing up all over the place).



Attack method: Shoots at you with its own weapons!

To kill: Lava, cactus, TNT, fire, falling, daylight or splash potion

If you do happen to kill him you might get their bow and arrow or random armor…cause you know skeletons are known for their fashion.



Attack method: Will zombie toward you and touch you till you die.

To Kill: Lava, cactus, TNT, fire, falling, daylight, splash potion.

If you do happen to kill him you can get random armor or iron sword. Though, I don’t know anyone who wants Zombie hand-me-downs.

The Witch:


A side note here from Cody: The Witch has a health point of 26…as a comparison most are under 20 so the witch is very healthy (all those poison apples)

Attack Method: Will throw splash potions meant to kill you. You know like a good witch.

To Kill: Using bow and arrows – getting to close will put you in her splash potion range.

If you kill her: Gunpowder, spiders eyes, potions (rarely thought)

Enderman: (health point…40!)


Attack method: Can teleport to you and will hit you till you die.

To Kill: lava, cactus, TNT, falling.

If you kill them: You get Ender pearls to get to the end. (this is only for Xbox, computer or Wii version)

Useful things to survive: 

If you fall in a hole in Minecraft you should try to build your way up by building a staircase. You should start at the top so that you can actually get out and not dig yourself into a bigger hole…not that I have done that. steve-falling_zpsrn1ihnyx

Placing down blocks properly: When playing on the iPad – if you have split controls on there symbol in the middle of your screen that looks like a plus sign which you can use as guide. If you don’t have it on you can tap anywhere you want.

Those are the basics. This came about after my third or fourth time falling in a hole and my I don’t want to say how many times being blown up by a creeper. I am mostly good at getting wood for Cody to build things and occasionally planting a flower or two. The important thing to remember is to try and have fun. This is their world and what they are interested in, spending time with them while they want to spend time with you is worth a frustrated fall into the lake any day.





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