Turning anger into action

I have been filled with such despair and disgust at the recent current events. Maybe that is why I haven’t been compelled to write as much. My heart is heavy from seeing the news flashes of violence, hatred, and angry comments that follow. I am still in complete disbelief that in mere days we will be swearing in someone who has no earthly right to be leader of our country. I have started and stopped many posts about how angry I am, how disgusted and appalled I am. I have come up with ways to describe exactly what I am feeling and I have deleted just as many drafts. It doesn’t do any good in the end. He and the people like him, will never read this blog. He and the people like him could care less what a girl from Long Island thinks of him. He and people like him really are nothing to me as well. Instead of focusing all my anger on him and people like him, I will turn it around and focus on gratitude. Sincerest of thanks to a man who I had the privilege of having as my president for the last 8 years. I love President Obama, and I feel honored that he was my president.

His speech last night was perfect and was underlined with a very important message.  To basically be the change. If you don’t like something, go out and change it, don’t sit around making hateful comments on the internet. Be active, be prepared, be informed.

He reminded us that the Constitution was written BY the people and FOR the people. We are responsible as citizens to act. We can’t just sit and let things happen, we have to be proactive, we have to pay attention. We have stand united as a nation.

He thanked us and promised to continue working as a citizen to uphold the Constitution that makes this country so great. Well, I have a few thanks for him as well:

Thanks Obama:

for crying with us as we lost loved ones to senseless violence.

for celebrating with us as we embraced civil liberties.

for your courage during war.

for your strength during terrorism.

for your humanity on all fronts.

for your passion for doing the right thing, even if that wasn’t always easy.

for the Affordable Health Care.

for keeping your head up when I am sure it would have been easier to let it down.

for the job growth and the rise in the economy

for showing my son and all of his classmates what a true leader looks like.

I am not the only thanking Obama. Many people took to twitter last night to say just that:

In the coming years we will need to remember that there are good leaders. Everything that Obama has accomplished is at risk of being destroyed. We must as a nation make sure to preserve as much as we can. Funding for programs like Planned Parenthood, funding for the arts. Keeping social security alive, maintaining good relations with our neighbors, finding peaceful resolutions for conflicts. Continuing efforts on anti-bullying and equality for everyone.

Spread love…

From the very bottom of my soul, Thanks Obama.


Presidents Speech 


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