Raising the next Generation of Weirdo’s

I’m a weirdo.  Maybe not as weird as Jess from New Girl but pretty close.jess13

If you know me your are either thinking, “No! She’s not weird!” or “Yep, total nut job that one!” If you don’t know me or for some reason don’t think I am weird let me give you just a few examples from literally the past week that have had some people question my right to walk among normal people.

  1. Friend at work is a new grandmother, she loves showing off pictures of this adorable chunky baby. I, of course, love babies and love seeing the pictures. She showed us one this week and I did the normal cooing and awwing your are supposed to do, however, instead of keeping the odd inside my head, I let it out. I said to her “Oh my gosh she is just so adorable! I just want to sniff  her!!” okay in my defense do you remember what babies smell like? That lovely new baby smell?! You may not think about it, but when you smell a baby it is a beautiful thing. So maybe you don’t say it, but your are thinking it. Needless to say though that by saying it out loud I just look like a creeper. tumblr_inline_npcmr0lk9h1qjz4jr_500
  2. We were having a normal, adult business conversation about attendance and ways to boost it in 2017 (seriously go to your local museums they are awesome!). Instead of offering up something normal, like more media attention, better programming, whatever, I offered up my services to stand out side the building like one of those blow guys you see at car dealerships! Yeah…you know…je2ieqdShould be noted that I actually swung my arms around..)
  3. On several occasions I have said the wrong thing to people. You know, like when a movie attendant tells you to enjoy your movie and you say “you too!”…and then spend the whole movie thinking of how dumb you are. Why can’t I converse like a normal human? Why is it when someone says:”Hey good morning.” I say “Fine how are you?” Stupid!say-something-human-warm-bodies-meme

Those are just a few examples from the last few days…there are more…like oh wait I do have another one! We have pigeons outside our building. I freaking love pigeons. I love all animals and get super weird when I see them, but that is another blog post. About our pigeons though, I go outside with some buddies to walk around a bit, and I see the pigeons. Now, the normal people I work with just smile and walk on. I, however, feel compelled to go up to the damn thing and start cooing at it. Complete with head bobbing. I look insane. The pigeon has no time for my shenanigans and flies away. 😮 WHY DON’T THEY WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME?! pigeon-o

So this is all well and good – I am weird – I have accepted it…except now I am raising a weirdo. There is really no other way it could have gone. It is evident in so many ways. From the way he “Smiles nicely”

to making up songs about zombies eating everyone.His wonderful poses, and his fantastic dances moves. There was really no other way it could have gone. I embrace my weirdo and love him so much. I can’t imagine him being any other way!


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