So long cat videos…

I am certainly not religious, spiritual maybe, but not religious. So, it is odd when people hear me say, ” I am giving up ____ for Lent.” Well why? What do you care about Lent? Do you even know what it is? (the answer by the way is yes, I know what Lent is). It is the 40 days leading up to Easter, and the idea of “giving something up or fasting”, is to bring the person doing it closer to God. Well…since I don’t believe it God, it would seem like a waste of 40 days to give something up, right? However, that is what I am going to do this year. Not for God but for family, not for God but for myself.

This year I am giving up all form of social media, so Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…all gone, for 40 days. I feel like this will be a huge time saver for me, and I wonder how much I will actually be missing.

Most of my time on either of those sites is just mindless scrolling. I hardly take anything in: oh, look a baby, boton_me_gusta-svg, oh look a puppy doing back flips,face-with-tears-of-joy , oh look something about Trumperdink,very_angry_emoji …and then scroll, scroll, scroll …next thing you know your kid is 20 and you haven’t showered. But hey, you did see a cat playing the piano so that is something.76siqhg

I know I am going to miss seeing my friend’s adventures, their kids, and their accomplishments. I am hoping that it will force me to be more directly in contact with them though. I can still text and email! One of my biggest short comings is keeping in touch with people. Which is why, Facebook has been such a huge part of my life. I love seeing updates from friends, trips they go on, babies they are having, accomplishments and yes even the hard things they go through, it makes me feel connected to them. However, it also is a very lazy way of keeping in touch. I need to be better about making real connections with people who I don’t see every day.

Social media addiction is actually a real thing. It is estimated that the average person spends up to three hours a day on social media. THREE HOURS A DAY! I am not sure if I am quite there, but I would say at least an hour to an hour and half of my day is. Between my scrolling in the morning while I consume my coffee, to at night while watching TV. Definitely close to that 3 -hour mark. Can you imagine what we could accomplish with all that time?

Don’t anyone worry, I have already thought of more useful ways to use my time.

More time doing yoga in the morning


Catching up the news ….not sure if that will help my anxiety though…might skip that one

Study or doing school work

Winston studies for his upcoming police academy exam.

Cleaning the house …because…I am sure there was a floor when we moved in…1432046185-delish-things-throw-out-schmidt-towel-giphy

Chasing my rabbit around the house …he loves picking upping …really…


The point of the matter is, I don’t think I will be giving anything up…I think I will be gaining something. Time with my son, time reading, time studying, time relaxing and enjoying just being in the moment instead of trying to think about capturing the moment and posting it all over the internet.

I am really hoping that at the end of my 40 days I will have a healthier relationship with my social media and will have found better ways to spending my time offline.

So, what are you giving up?



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