You can be a squish or you can be a squash

Cody has been called many things. Squishy, squash, baby doos, pumpkaroo, munchkin….you get the idea. Lots of parents have nicknames for the kids. (I was once  – and still am to my dad – Rugrat) I got that moniker because apparently I never crawled, I would just push myself along the carpet with one leg. My sister had the misfortune (and again still is to this day by our father) to earn the name Buggabut – this was because…well…anyway.

I was explaining how Cody went from Squishy to Squash to a co-worker one day, but I realized I had to go back and explain Squishy. I stayed home with Cody for the first 6 months or so and we watch a lot of Rachel Ray enhanceand a lot of Finding Nemo. Okay, I watched. My theory was the it was innocent enough TV, however I am now wondering if watching cooking shows at young age ruined him for food…I must do a study about that. Anyway, so while watching Finding Nemo, Dory sees a baby Jellyfish and decides to keep it. She will call it her Squishy and it will be her Squishy. i-shall-call-him-squishy

Since Cody was a super adorable and a chunky monkey (see there is another name), I adopted Squishy for him. I loved it because it fit him so well. When he started daycare one of the teachers mentioned that there was another Squishy in the same room. So I wasn’t the only nut job. download (7)

Another background on this is how I take just about any song and throw Cody’s name in to it. I mean any song. ” I like big babies and I can not lie, you other mothers can deny, but when a little bitty squish crawls into your life you fee love.” (My talents extend to pets too…so replace baby with bunny…) You know the twist? Yea…So, when he started standing with help from me, I would do the Squish. “Lets do the Squish. Ba ba ba de baba” You get the idea…

When Cody was around four a Kia commercial came out with dancing or rapping Hamsters, you can see the video here.  The basic premise of the song from what I can remember is that it was: “You can go with this, or you can go with that.” Basically comparing the Kia to a toaster and other objects. At first it was ridiculous, then it was amusing, then it was downright hilarious. So one day I was singing the song and switched it around so:
“You can be a Squish or you can be a Squash” was born. Eventually the older he got and less squish like he became Squash …so squash stuck.


The most amusing part is that others pick these songs up. Or maybe other people do this to songs too. In fact they must. People must sing (to the tune Carry on my wayward son) “carry on my wayward suds, getting rid of all the crud, pans and pots are sparkling, now you’re set to dry”  Okay I am not lyrical genius, I won’t quit my day job.

I wonder how other people come up with their names for their kids. Some, like munchkin are easily explainable. Others, like my Squash take a lot of explaining around a lunch table and make your co-workers look at you a little differently.

download (18)


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