All in a days work

During my social media blackout a friend at work was saying how she had also noticed that there were too many updates on her feed and how it seemed to her, that people really spent most of their time document their entire days. I told her (jokingly) that when I got back on social media I was going to document my entire day, just for her. Instead of having a thousand posts on Instagram or Facebook, I decided to blog it instead – with pictures!

5:45-6:00AM Wake up – Bunny Yoga 

Okay so this is suppose to be just regular yoga and if I am being honest, this mostly just stretching, however, my rabbit finds it hilarious to do yoga with me so…


6:00-6:10AMMake sure Cody is awake/feed rabbit/make lunches

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6:10 – 6:35 – Time for a brisk walk

So lucky that I have a nice quiet street to walk on and this view for part of it.



6:40 – Bye Cody

Okay – I don’t leave him in the tree for the day – he just likes to climb before school! He was so excited that he could leave with out a jacket or sweatshirt!


In the 70’s!

6:40-7:15 – Coffee/Paper 

Honestly – can we be honest? I only read the arts and business sections (Science on Tuesday) I mostly skim the front page. I know…I suck…moving on.


Everything is better in a pooh mug

7:20-7:50 – Get ready for work, tidy up house

Never. Ending. Laundry.


Clean bunny liter, vacuum, sweep, laundry, breakfast dishes, tidy up

7:50-8:00 – Driving to work

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time for some Bob Marley…or gangster Rap…or Gangster Rap AND Bob Marley!

8:00 – Start kicking butt as the Deputy Director Assistant

So much butt kicking I can’t even describe it all.


11:00 – Gotta go for a walk…


…to clear my head, stretch my legs…you know they say sitting is the new smoking – so it is important to get up and move! Doesn’t hurt to stop and smell the flowers while you are out there.

12:16 – derailment in the day – phone call from school! 


Everything is fine – apparently he was having a hard time adjusting after vacation.

12:30-1:00 Nom Nom


Don’t judge my lunch…okay judge if you must

1:00-4:00 – Wrap up the day! 


Does this paper work ever end? More coffee is needed.

2:00 another quick walk around the building please


Not a bad view

4:00 -FREEDOM – kidding I like my job, but I am going home now. 


4:15-5:30 home hang out with Cody, put away laundry, catch up on personal emails


I really missed this silly little guy

5:00 – 5:30 – start dinner and make tomorrows lunches


6:00-6:30 eat dinner/clean up

I somehow didn’t get a picture of this…hmm…

6:40 – Start school work


8:00 – Finish school work/Put Cody to bed


8:00PM already!

8:15-9:30 – Read a book

9:30 – Bed time!

IMG_3050 (1)


and the best part about all of this??


In all honesty though, I have to say that we are each fighting our own battles, we are all doing what we can with each day we are given. I can’t imagine how a mother of five gets through her day, or a single mom working two jobs who has time to go to a soccer game for her kids, a dad working 16 hours that finds time on the weekend to play catch, a person with depression finding the energy and will to wake up every day and keep fighting. We are all amazing, we are all doing what we can, and no one should ever feel like they aren’t doing their best.

*Disclaimer  – Not every night is Chinese pork tenderloin – some days its take out. Just need to put that out there. 


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