There’s an app for that.

There are thousands of apps. Literally. Thousands. There are game apps and news apps. Apps for travel, apps for dining. Apps to help you raise your kid or spy on your dog. Honestly, if you can think of something, there is probably an app for it.

I find that I am at a weird age. I remember life vividly before internet, computers, hell even video games. Cell phones were out of this world to me when they were introduced. CD players were new, DVD was unheard of. I remember the battle between Blu-Ray and laser disks. I had a rotary phone and I remember getting my own phone line in my bedroom. It was Mindy’s phone line! I remember AT&T and MCI fighting to get people to come over to their phone company. Introducing night and weekends starting at 7PM. (ohI guess phone companies are still fighting…least that hasn’t changed)

giphyRemember long distance phone calls? The point is, I grew up in that sweet spot where my formative years were spend outside playing on a rusty swing set that would come out of the ground if you swung too high, and my early 20 were spent learning about the internet and cell phone bills.d644ff95a3796a16f7188a73ca75ea9d

My first “smartphone” was a blackberry we got in 2011. That wasn’t that long ago. 2011. Now, I have a computer in my pocket. I have all my contacts, a calculator, camera, (that actually takes decent pictures – and oh wait and has more megapixels than my super expensive camera we had when Cody was baby way back in 2007), the internet, games, and more apps than anyone could ever have imagine 10 years ago.

My rant about this is that I have a hard time assimilating to these apps. I love my physical calendar at work. I have to write my notes on a notebook. I need to write down my grocery list on piece of paper that will either be forgotten at home, or crumpled up at the bottom of my purse.

We have Amazon’s Alexia at home, and she is great…. really. We use her for loads of things. Cody likes to hear her say, “my butt”, and finds her super useful when he needs to know what time it is. (never mind the fact that all our phones and the countless clocks in the house all have the correct time…). She could be so much more though. I could use her to cook meals, I could use her to keep my calendar or shopping lists. I just can’t. And I quite honestly don’t know why. I find the same thing about using any new technology and I fear that I will one day be one of those people the young kids look at and say, “oh my gosh, can’t she just learn how to do it?”

I wonder if other people my age feel the same way. Do others have a hard time letting go of the “old ways” and embracing the new ones? Do others find that they have to force themselves to use the new technology and when they do it just doesn’t feel right? Does this happen in every new generation? Or am I a minority? I wonder.



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