About Me: Mommy, Museum Monkey, Master of mischief and mayhem

My name is Mindy. Writing an ‘about’ you blurb is hard. It is like those job interviews you go on when they say, “tell me a little about yourself.”


But what about do people want to know? I started writing journals, like a lot of girls, when I was a pre-teen …I wrote about all the amazing things that were going on in my life then…like…why John didn’t notice that our lockers were so close to each other! You just had to go down two hallways! Or how my little sister kept trying to listen into my private conversations about who was sitting with who at lunch. Important stuff people. Now I blog. I write about things that matter to me…I write about things that make me laugh, or make me think…I write to hopefully make other people laugh and think. I still keep a journal, you don’t get to read that, but I will tell you it is more interesting then my pre-teen one…like…who I sat with at lunch and why I spent 50 dollars on one bag of food..

Lets see what else…I am a part time museum monkey, full time mommy in the great state of New York. (okay but I am originally from Maine – so I am not a real New Yorker! Go Pats!)

That is pretty much me. Oh a picture- some people have pictures – okay so if you see me on the street say hi!



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